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High-performance remote working teams

From Apple to Zoom, everyone has their own ways of working, and ensuring your remote team is set up for success can be a challenge. Island is a More Human consultancy service that assists businesses to transition and maintain remote-working solutions – allowing teams to connect with your culture from any environment into a future of more remote working.

My top tip for remote working

Dimitri Yiannakis – More Human Founder & Project Director

virtual teams

It’s important to make your employees feel like they’re not lost at sea. But between productivity apps, collaboration tools and video, it’s easy to feel like you’re drowning. We help you design the tools to keep your team seamlessly connected, and arm them with the ability to thrive as a virtual high-performance team.

a shared

It can take years to build a company culture and it’s only as good as the people that live it. But working on our own islands makes it more important than ever to feel like we are part of a bigger world. We help you foster your company and brand culture in a newly remote environment, while remaining a high-performer.

launching projects

It can seem daunting beginning a project with team members not being in the same physical space. From the setup of the technical tools needed, to the internal processes required, we’ll help you improve on previous processes using the latest remote collaboration best practise.

step 1
evaluate &

We understand that every organisation is different, so we take a look under the hood of your usual processes and organisation objectives, and create a strategy designed to improve connections, culture and remote projects.

step 2
design &

We design a bespoke package for your business to take it to the next level by increasing efficiency, collaboration and enabling remote company culture. A bespoke implementation plan and organisation-wide training will enable a high-performance remote team who exist efficiently from their islands.

step 3
evaluate &

We’re with you every step of the way – not only do we get you up and running, we’ll include regular check-ins as part of our rollout process to monitor progress, advise on improvements and optimise on training provided.


We’re experts at remote teams, having run remote teams for the last 10 years. To support you, we’ll offer a free evaluation of your business.

We advise companies affected by COVID-19 and social distancing around a business strategy for high-performance remote teams to not only survive, but thrive, during a period of social distancing and also into a future of more flexible working.