Keep your projects together virtually

Virtual On-Demand Project Managers

Your on-demand project manager will virtually ramp up and down as required, at a fraction of the cost of an employee, using only the hours you need, and rolling over unused capacity.

Our project managers are assured by our overarching managed service ensuring internal peer-accountability for deliverables, meaning we’ll manage the finer details which you get on with other tasks.

scale up and down as project demand changes

We know that things change, and as an inevitability in most projects, we won’t hold you to inflexible terms which require you to pay for someone’s time even if you don’t have work for them. We’ll pause and then roll-over any unused time when you give us the word!

no salary or employment contract

Sometimes managing staff on-boarding processes are a job on their own! We’ll help you do away with that admin, freeing you up for more important things. We offer simplified monthly fixed pricing, no permanent contracts, and no contractor contracts – all with a complimentary rollover for unused time.

assured delivery through a managed service

You won’t need to manage our PMs, as we’ll do that all on our side, assuring quality of delivery.  We check in daily with our PMs and look to solve escalations before they reach you, adding and additional layer of management which removes the need for you to manage as much.

What some of our clients have said

Ian A

Head of Production
London-based Digital Agency

Dimitri is an incredibly organised, calm and effective project manager, with a wealth of experience. His approach to project management is always meticulous and logical, and he has an excellent work ethic. I enjoyed working with Dimitri and look forward to having an opportunity to do so again in the future.

Thomas W

Client Partner
London & European-based Digital Experience Agency

Dimitri has been great to work with.
He had a great technical knowledge and knows how to motivate a team.  From building a plan to leading a workshop, Dimitri was able to contribute throughout the projects I’ve worked on together with him.


  • 20 hour plan
  • £1450monthly (no VAT)
  • 40 hour plan
  • £2800monthly (no VAT)
  • 80 hour plan
  • £5200monthly (no VAT)

A Flexible World of Project Management with Less Fuss

Our project managers are here to support you with a flexible pay-as-you use plan. From 1h up to 80h per month, we flex with your businesses needs.

We’ll also manage our own staff’s project delivery through our managed service, so you can get on with other things!