BBVA Compass: Wallet Talking Heads Video Shoot

An online video advert comprising actors, voiceover artists, animation and video production 


Video shoot
Voice overs
Video production

BBVA Compass Bank

Project Collaborators
Dimitri Yiannakis


The Challenge

BBVA wanted to showcase specific functionality of the BBVA app via a series of 30 second animated videos, with voice over to educate BBVA customers about how the BBVA Wallet app and how it can make their lives easier

They needed the videos to be modular so that they could be joined together in different ways depending on the message they wanted to send out to various market segments.


Business Goals

  • Educate BBVA customers about how the BBVA Wallet app and how it can make their lives easier.
  • Educate BBVA customers about how the BBVA Wallet app is safe, convenient and smart, making their lives easier.

How we delivered a shoot remotely for BBVA Compass Bank


Script & Voiceover

We began the process by producing a script which informed the length of the video, and creative requirements.

We then went through a process of selecting a voiceover artist who resonated with the target demographic, and produced a narrative soundtrack to the video.



A casting brief was sent out to the market to gather auditions based on target demographics. Headshot videos were then generated and reviewed by BBVA who selected candidates that most resonate with their target audiences.



We managed the shoot on BBVA’s behalf and delivered videos per the specifications in the script.


Design Frames

Before we started, we planned the animation from end-to-end, iterated, approved and then moved onto production. This process saved us time during the animation production phase.



Our team generated a 3D model of a phone to manipulate in a 3D space, then combined our 3D models along with stock animation, voice over and talking heads from our shoot to arrive at a final video.



The educational video was used with great success, reducing calls to call centre around the new app.

“Thank you and your team for all of your efforts in getting the video produced!  It really turned out well and we are looking forward to working with you on its evolution as we further the Wallet capabilities!

Lisa Favuzza, Vice President Digital Payments Group, BBVA Compass, USA

Final Video

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