Mapify: Responsive website for connecting communities through data

Responsive web


Project Collaborators
Luca Domiro &
Josh Aziz


The Challenge

Mapify is a new tech venture from the team behind Voist. Mapify has recently gone through a re-branding to AKOU. Born out of Voist’s Mapify concept of consultation, Mapify is working on building a new platform and experience around consultation, engagement and data visualisation.

The brief to a responsive on boarding demo website to introduce and raise awareness to potential users and subscribers on the concept of Mapify.


Business Goals

  • Become leader in industry for transparent and recognised source of information for community network mapping.

  • Be recognised as go-to point for councils to extract data analytics on community and social enterprise projects.

Empowering relationships between people and workplaces

How we created the Mapify experience


User Interface Design – Branding Identity

Defining the branding identity and values of Mapify.


Developing the story of Dave (local resident)

We developed a story of Dave who is a Local Theatre Manager, to introduce Dave’s theatre to local resident to perform their show. This story was translated into an animated infographic used on the home page.


Initial Lo-fi Concept Sketches

Introducing a variety of visually engaging infographics to resonate with the broad target audience of Mapify.


Simple-to-follow steps

Defining a simple-to-understand process, guiding the users on the story of Mapify and how to use the service.


Accessing Mapify from your Mobile Device

Mapify onboarding site on mobile linking through to the Data Analytics Tool.


Dashboard Design

Customised My Profile Dashboard, providing the users with a snapshot view of their activitity.



The approach we took to designing an on boarding experience not only resonated with the broad user base of Mapify but also represented the values, community, connectivity and sharing factors. In summary, this created an approach which truly reflected with the core themes we encapsulated in the experienceknow. show. grow. The brief was completed with minimum MVP features implemented. We also had a mobile version but due to time constraint we never had time to complete this and it was for phase 2.

“Luca and the team worked with Mapify to help improve the UX of our front facing site. The project was particularly challenging as the site being redesigned had to speak to many groups of users all with varying needs and priorities. Throughout the project Square Root showed how adept they were at being able to focus in on the core issues and functionalities required to be produce a useful outcome. Luca and the team helped to provide us with useful research and findings that have proved to have been invaluable for our future development.” Alex Pielak – Co-Founder AKOU

Alex Pielak – Co-Founder AKOU

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