ONiGO: Virtual Digital Gaming App

“Tackling loneliness in society and getting people socially active in outdoor parks”

React Native App

ONiGO part of
FRUK Life Ltd

Project Collaborators
Luca Domiro &
Josh Aziz


The Challenge

ONiGO is leading London Tech startup in the gaming industry. A unique outdoor gaming company with the purpose of getting people more active and socially connected. ONiGO really want to create communities focussed on outdoor parks.

ONiGO want to transform their existing Web-based App and enhance their branding identity by creating a React Native App which is more engaging and compelling for their users, driving repetition.

Throughout this project, we worked very closely with product, development and marketing teams to ensure our approach was aligned and would be implementable and scalable.

Ultimately, we were able to rapidly enhance brand perception of their platform and support sales enablement.


Business Goals

  • Become the largest physical activity in the world without owning facility.
  • Increase and drive user engagement by creating a visually engaging experience.
  • Improve user motivation by introducing features such as augmented reality and gamification, to personalise the experience and drive repetition.
  • Enhance and improve the existing Branding and Visual Identity.

How we transformed ONiGO’s digital gaming experience



All of ONiGO’s new visual elements and identity are there to represent the game’s values. Immersive, clear and easy, with green’s complementary color, orange, that highlights the social aspect of local communities, as well as a vibrant, active and fun side.


Initial Lo-Fidelity Concept Sketches


Customer Experience Map

A Customer Experience map visually identifies and organises every encounter a customer has (or could have) with your company and brand.

Visualising the findings from user research phase to define motivations and pain points whilst progressing user-centred process. This technique also incorporates empathy mapping which the user encounters throughout the experience.   



Onboarding Screens providing user with registration options.

Wrapping pathway concept representative of pathway in park.

Video trailer providing user  with an engaging interactive experience.


Tutorial Screens

Interactive step-by-step onboarding tutorial screens explaining the gaming experience.


Playing the Game

Virtual Reality feature with directional arrow capability enabled whilst allowing user to focus on natural outdoor environment.


Social Media Sharing

Social media sharing functionaly – camera, voiceover and messaging enabled for staying connected with friends.


Continuous Engagement and Motivation

Introducing gamification features, customised pop-up functionality continually motivating user.


Profiled Dashboard – Fitness Statistics Summary

Profile Dashboard fitness stats to drive motivation and repetition.



The main objective and vision of the project was to transform the existing mobile app,  drive user engagement and encourage repetition through virtual reality and gamification features. The gaming experience was optimised through motivational clue’s, pop-ups and introduction of directional arrow and improved mapping capability. Additionally, users were provided with tracking stats dashboard in their profiles. All the original goals for MVP product set at the start had been achieved and recongnisable ROI opportunities.

“We worked with Luca on a UX / UI project around our new mobile app and the work he and his team produced was fantastic. They really understood the brief, conducted thorough research and delivered a great prototype product including a much improved brand look and feel. We would very much recommend Luca to other businesses.” Alex Stanley – Founder & CEO ONiGO